Film Festival

Film Festival

Each year in Alberta, Canada, hundreds of filmmakers gather to showcase their creations. The Banff Center hosts the Banff Mountain Film Festival each winter, spotlighting several films as award-winners in many categories (all pertaining to the great outdoors). But seeing as Banff, Alberta is quite a distance from most people, especially any Americans, they are kind enough to send some of the creme de la creme to theaters across North America. The genres range from exteme sports to nature documentaries and biographies to comedy. Cost for admission is $10 and will be one of the best investments of a Hamilton one can make. The Film Festival World Tour starts in February. Look for dates near you!

Check out the teaser for the 2006-2007 World Tour:


(Thanks to Dustin who I stole the picture from…)

If you are a fan of sweet potatoes, you must check out Texas Roadhouse and try their baked sweet potato. After Dustin posted about it, I had to try it for myself. It was worth every penny!

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant chain best known for their steaks and ribs. They currently have almost 310 locations in 44 states and plan to open many new locations throughout 2008. Their website says, “Hand-cut steaks, award winning ribs, fresh-baked bread and made from scratch side items are the standard at Texas Roadhouse.”

Their baked sweet potato might only be one of their side items, but it is almost a meal itself. This delicious menu item is cut open, mixed with tons of caramel sauce and cinnamon, and then topped off with an abundance of marshmallows. Delicious. It’s not every day a restaurant is recommended just for one of its side items.


DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, but more importantly DVR stands for everything that is awesome! A digital video recorder allows Everyday Joe to watch all of his favorite shows even if he can’t be at home when they air. When added to digital cable, a DVR can schedule and record any show, series or movie that you, Workforce Wendy, might miss because of prior engagements. So, John Doe, watch your favorite programs anytime you want, any day you want, as many times as you want.

Now I’ve got some prerecorded cable to watch.

If you were to ask me what my favorite book happens to be, I would have to answer To Kill A Mockingbird.  Based in 1936 in rural Alabama, the book follows the adventures of Scout Finch, Jem Finch, and a boy named Dill.  While this book deals with issues of adolescence and playfullness, there is a deeper theme of justice that runs throughout.  [For a full synopsis, click here] For a long time in college, I wanted to go into law, and Atticus Finch was the reason.  I felt that as long as I tried to live like this fictional character lived that I would live justly and honorably. For a look into the culture of the deep south in the 1930s or even just a GREAT story to dive into, I HIGHLY recommend To Kill A Mockingbird.

What would life be like if everything you touched turned into skittles? A blessing or a curse? This commercial is easily the funniest of the new and quite strange series of Skittles commercials [e.g. Long Beard or Singing Bunny]. It remains mildly amusing until the very end…but the end…the glorious end… Just watch…

Yes, it’s ok to watch it again…and again… Forty times through and I still laugh every time.

Thrice’s Alchemy Index

Thrice has continually reinvented themselves by adding new experimental elements to their music. Ever since their album Vheissu debuted they have in many ways broke away from there “post hardcore” roots. Their lyrics have incredibly thought provoking connotations, and portray the writer’s Christian faith in new and interesting ways.

Thrice’s “Alchemy Index” is probably one of the most brilliant pieces of musical work that I have heard in a long time. Their careful consideration of every aspect of the albums makes this “Index” incredibly descriptive. Each CD’s music gives an unbelievably varied portrait of the fitting element, an uncontrollable and consuming fire, a deep and sorrowful sea, insubstantial yet unpredictable wind, and the crude and mournful earth. One of my favorite aspects of the “Alchemy Index” is that the last song of each section is told from the point of view of the “element,” and ends with the same vocal and chord progression. This gives the entire ‘Index” a feeling of unity and completeness.

In case there are still people out there who still don’t feel comfortable about listening to “hardcore/screamo music,” let me say this, Thrice never screams just to be cool. If possible Thrice uses screaming for its intended purpose. The last song of the Fire album entitled “The Flame Deluge” is almost entirely screamed; in it the speaker “Fire” expresses its horror at its fate in hands of men:

“I feel that I was meant for something more
My curse, this awful power to unmake
And ever since you found your taste for war
You forced me onto those whose life you’d take”

In my opinion it would be hard to sing those lyrics and portray the necessary emotions behind the song.

Listening to Thrice will definitely surprise you with the bands constantly changing genre and lyrical depth, it may even remove your prejudice and preconceptions about music like it did for me.


Do you enjoy reading but just can’t find the time? DailyLit just might be the perfect fit for you. About a month ago, I found DailyLit in a list of useful websites. In seven words: books delivered via e-mail or RSS feed. It’s a novel idea! [Sorry..haha]

Here are some of the details and customizations:

  • Search for a book you want to read
  • Choose either e-mail or RSS feed
  • Installments are about 1000 words each
  • Choose the regularity of your installments (3 days a week, weekdays, every day, or choose the days yourself)
  • Choose the time of delivery
  • Choose the length of the installment (normal – 1000 words, longer – 2x’s, or longest – 4x’s)
  • Many of the books are free, but some newer titles cost $3-$10
  • Categories include autobiography, classics, history, mystery, romance and sci-fi.
  • Titles range from Pride and Prejudice and War and Peace to Frankenstein and War of the Worlds to The Federalist Papers and The Art of War.

DailyLit makes reading easy and convenient. You have no excuse anymore!